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Genealogy - Research Services

Research is available onsite during regular library hours, including Saturdays. Our genealogist is available for research assistance; however, please call ahead to confirm a staff person will be available to assist if needed.

Due to the nature of the genealogy and local history collection, if the genealogist is not present, patrons are required to leave jackets, briefcases, laptop cases, and backpacks at the front desk. If bags are brought in during regular genealogy service hours, they may be subject to search. Patrons must register at the front desk and provide a photo ID to use the Pennsylvania Room should the genealogist not be present.

There is no charge to conduct your own research, but donations are welcomed. The cost for copies is $.20 per black and white copy and $.40 per color copy.

Our genealogist is available to conduct research-by-mail and the charges are as follows:

$15 per hour research fee. After the first hour, the genealogist will determine if further research would prove fruitful. You will be notified at this point and you will be asked if you would like the research to continue.

$5.00 per obituary search with exact date of death. If exact date is unknown, the $5.00 fee includes hour of research. If research extends beyond the hour, the $15 per hour research fee will go into effect. Please provide as much information as possible about name, date, and place of death.

In addition to research fees, the charge for copies is $.20 per black and white copy and $.40 per color copy.

The Meyersdale Public Library is a FamilySearch affiliate, meaning we can have microfilm from the Family History Library delivered here for patron use. We cannot order the film for you, however, please visit https://familysearch.org/films/ to read the instructions about how to order online. If you need assistance placing an order, please contact the library and we can walk you through it. Please also note that FamilySearch charges a shipping fee for microfilm loans.

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